BBR, the UK Mazda tuning specialist, has launched a new tuning kit for the third-generation Mazda MX-5. It’s called the Super 225 package – and the company says it will increase the car’s output to 224bhp.

Prices start at £3,495 for the just the components, climbing to £4,295 for a drive-in, drive-out installation at the company’s headquarters in Brackley.

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BBR Mazda MX-5 review

The Super 225 package is compatible with all third-generation 2.0-litre Mazda MX-5s – and BBR says the upgrade improves engine power by 67bhp and 49Nm of torque, taking maximum output to 224bhp and 236Nm.

Unlike some performance packages – such as Mountune’s Mk7 Golf GTI upgrade – BBR has relied on good old-fashioned flow dynamics rather than turbocharging to improve performance. So, their system adds a less restrictive four-into-one exhaust manifold, a fresh pair of exhaust camshafts and a new intake manifold with 45mm individual throttle bodies.

There’s a new fuel rail, too, along with a set of new injectors and a fresh map for the car’s ECU to manage the upgrades – while an improved foam air filter is optionally available for an extra £65. BBR also says that the package can be fitted with zero body modifications, which makes the upgrade completely reversible.

BBR will also sell you just the intake manifold for £1,795 – while owners of the firm’s old Super 200 package can upgrade to the Super 225 model for £2,495. Buyers opting for the full package also get a couple of cosmetic upgrades, including a pair of 3.5-inch diameter BBR-branded tailpipes and a set of badges for the MX-5’s front wings and boot lid.

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